August 26 2012

Firtrees Nursery and Out of School would like to bring your attention towards our new achievements board.

This is located at the Nursery Reception on the wall directly opposite from the Manager’s office. This will be used to record our achievements as a service as well as those by the children, parents and staff.
By celebrating our achievements we aim to promote confidence and self-esteem in all, as well as to encourage motivation for learning. This will provide the opportunity particularly for children to recognise their skills and capabilities and give them the drive to see what they want to achieve next. We have high expectations of all our children and use praise and encouragement to help them succeed in achieving their potential.
We are looking to highlight both big and small achievements, within the nursery, home or in the community such as;

Children learning to write your name for the first time
Special certificates / Reports
Trophies / medals
Riding a bike for the first time
Awards / ceremonies
Doing well at a particular sport/class.
Parents / staff gaining a new qualification
Raising money for a charity / fundraising
Helping someone do something special

Please hand in anything you would like us to display in our book to Reception. We look forward to hearing all about the great achievements of everyone in our service which we can celebrate together.