May 15 2014

As Scotland is hosting the commonwealth games this year I thought we could celebrate this in style. We are running a competition for all playrooms / kitchen /offices to raise awareness of the different countries involved in the commonwealth games.

How it works

The rooms picks a country out the hat. The idea is then to include children / parents / carers / community as much as possible with everything they aim to do with the country that each room has chosen. I am leaving this up to the imagination of the staff ! In the end each room will have to represent that country.

What they will win
Staff in that room will win a day’s holiday as well as £300 worth of resources for that playroom which will benefit your children.

How will this be judged?
We will be asking the Principal of the College to judge the competition on Friday 6th June 2014.

The staff will be involving you very soon please help make this a great fun event for the children and staff by contributing your ideas and any items you have about their country.

The countries s which have been selected are:
Room 1 – Guyana
Room 2 – Dominican
Room 3 – Maldives
Room 4 – Nauru
Room 5 – Mauritius
Room 6 – St Lucia
Room 7 – Malta
Room 8 – St Kitts and Nevis
Room 9 – Tuvalu
Room 10 – Cyprus
Room 11 – Northern Island
Room 12 – Swaziland
Out of School – Australia
Kitchen – Soloman Islands
Offices – Mozambique

I look forward to seeing the efforts of all the staff, parents and children in working closely together to create a fantastic diverse environment which highlights the commonwealth games.