August 31 2012

Over the last few months we have been focusing on evaluating the development of the curriculum.

This has involved holding a parents focus group, as well as interviewing our curriculum development officer from North Lanarkshire Council. Our Out of school children worked alongside staff to also interview some of the preschool children in the Nursery to get their thoughts and feedback on the curriculum. Staff completed an in depth questionnaire.
Once all this data had been collected we then summarised it and looked for what areas we could make improvement in. Evaluating in this depth gave us very good ideas of what we are doing well and also what we are going to do next. Below are some examples of aspects we will be improving upon which have come directly from evaluation:

Deeper involvement of children in their profiles as we build on assessment approaches.
Provide more CPD opportunities in organising the curriculum
Improve upon the level of information provided to parents in relation to Curriculum for Excellence. Provide workshops to help parents understand this and how they can contribute to their children’s learning at home.
Long term plans and learning context sheets provided to parents
Staff to participate in moderation – this means that staff discuss and agree standards of children’s learning in lines with experiences and outcomes of curriculum for Excellence.

A floor book of our self evaluation process and evidence can be found at the designated area.