October 24 2019

A staff member from 3-5 area 2 found some hidden treasure this morning on her way to work! A bag containing a book was left by the Branchalwood Book Fairy near a bus stop and inside was a set of instructions to follow. The children within the area were so excited to read the story book and we can’t wait to add our very own book into the bag along with ‘The Best Pirate’ to hide it ourselves in a couple of weeks. What a fantastic idea to promote the children’s literacy skills. Due to this rare find the children within storyland over the next couple of weeks will be exploring ‘The Best Pirate’ story with a variety of learning experiences along with it, giving them the opportunity to further develop their communication skills, expressing their likes and dislikes. They have been consulted through discussions and want to create pirate hats, eye patches, pirate swords, and create their very own pirates. This will continue to develop their small motor skills, hand eye-coordination and pencil control.