April 13 2017

For an extra Easter treat the children had a special visit from superheroes with sparkling superpowers today. A team of window cleaners dressed asBatman, Spiderman and Superman scaled the walls to clean the skylights of the nursery and handed out chocolate Easter surprises to children attending the 3–5 areas.

This visit coincided with part of the children’s recent interests in superheroes which staff have incorporated into their learning environment. The children were delighted to meet the superheroes in person and had their photograph taken with them, we will have a display of this put up soon for everyone to see!
There will also be a spread soon in the Motherwell Times – The event was organised by facilities firm ISS, which subcontracts cleaning of all windows at the Motherwell Campus to specialist firm Greig Avinou. A great big thank you to for organising this for the nursery, we really appreciate the effort that everyone has gone to in order to do something to entertain and inspire our children, it was very much appreciated.